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The London Arabia’s “Trust Me I’m an Arab” course is designed to solve challenges faced by foreigners working with Arabs, in or outside the Arab world whether clients, colleagues, suppliers or anyone else. It is suitable for both newcomers and those more familiar with the Arab world. You do not have to be knowledgeable of the Arab world and expert in any particular field to take the course. It will help you establish an understanding of the Arab world and will assist you to develop your own strategies for working with Arabs.

This course explores the Arab culture and business culture and how it differs from the UK and Europe. This intensive one-day course will equip participants with a practical understanding of how best to work with shoppers, colleagues and clients from across the Arab world. Our cultural awareness courses are ideal for professionals and teams who need to build more successful  business relationships with Arab colleagues,  suppliers and clients.

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“Trust Me I’m an Arab”course will help you establish an understanding of the Arab world business approaches and will assist you to develop your own strategies for either working or conducting business in the Arab world or with Arabs through a combination of in-depth background information and hands-on practical tips and solutions.

The Arab world comprises a diverse range of cultures and countries. Recent years have seen the region experience significant local and foreign investment in infrastructure, business, tourism and industry.  Many misconceptions and stereotypes exist to this day about the social and business cultures of the Arab world. By understanding your Arab counterpart’s true values, attitudes and motivations, you will be more successful on both a personal and professional level.

Ensure the success of your international business venture by learning more about doing business in the Arab world and Arab business culture.

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An introduction to the Arab world

  • What is the Middle East, the Arab World, and the GCC, and how do they operate 

  • Legislative framework and governance 

  • Distinguishing features 

  • Similarities and differences between the Arab countries 

  • How is the Arab world perceived, and why (and how) is business being done there? 

An overview of Arab culture and practices 

  • Personal Relationships: knowing who you are dealing with 

  • Implications of Islam on Arab culture 

  • Key tenets of Shariah law and its importance in the Middle East 

  • Tolerance and understanding: how and where to practise it 

  • Hospitality and entertaining 

  • Doing business – the importance of personal relationships 

  • What does success depend upon 

  • Working Practices and the Working Week 

  • Structure and Hierarchy in the Arab world 

Appointments and meetings – etiquette and protocols 

  • Body language do’s and don’ts 

  • Lefts and Rights 

  • Timekeeping and punctuality 

  • Breaking for prayer times 

  • What to expect in the meeting / The typical structure and format of meetings 

  • Bargaining and haggling 

  • Dealing with bureaucracy / notarisations and attestations 

  • The importance of the spoken word over the written agreement 

  • Appointments and meetings: etiquette and protocols 

  • The role of entertaining in the middle eastern business environment  

The course is aimed at anyone who is interested in improving their understanding of doing business with Arabs. It is suitable for both newcomers and those more familiar with the Arab world. For anyone who wants sell to Arab consumers, or in consistent contact with people from the Arab world, or who will be involved in conducting business in the region and delivering projects, both in country and directly supporting from UK.




Literally anyone who works with or in the Arab world

How will this Workshop be Presented?

This workshop combines theory and practice. We use company examples to illustrate how the techniques presented have been applied in real case studies. The purpose is to use a mix of proven learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented.

Training Methodology

• PowerPoint will be used and show movie clips (where appropriate).
• Role plays will be used to look at situations from various perspectives.
• Activities to enhance your understanding of theoretical concepts will be used. • The training will be centered around experiential learning techniques.

Training Hours

Face-to-Face, One session (8) hrs, One day or 1⁄2 day (2-4) hrs

Resources Required

• Maximum number of participants to a class will be 15.
• The training will be conducted at a venue organized by the client.

• The LCD projector & computer will be provided by the client.

Delivery Method

The most appropriate training format, content and approach for your Trust me, I’m an Arab course will be discussed during your diagnostic consultancy.


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