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What to Expect

At London Arabia, we are uniquely qualified to help you take the next step in your business: whether that includes expanding to a new location, launching a global campaign or appealing to a new customer base at home. Building on a decade of experience and research, we have the tools and expertise to help you make the right decisions for your business and to support you every step of the way. We do this through fostering connection and engagement, expanding your global reach, and building your insight and knowledge.


Events & Publications

We truly believe when we work together, we can make real change possible. Therefore, London Arabia frequently runs events in the UK and Arab world to bring people together to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of one another.

The London Arabia 100 will host monthly members only events across London and the Arab world to inspire connection, spark collaboration and unlock new thinking. These events will vary from month to month, ranging from C-Suite breakfasts to panel discussions on trade developments to cultural activities. Members are invited to attend each event to expand their horizons and build their network.


Members may also have the opportunity to host a monthly event, showing the London Arabia 100 community what they have to offer and bringing a large audience directly to their store or location.


As part of the London Arabia 100, members also gain exclusive access to our large-scale annual events: the Arab Women of the Year Awards, Arab Women’s Summit and London Arabia Art & Fashion Week. Each of these events is designed to highlight Arab culture in London and provide a platform to put a spotlight on remarkable Arab women.


Business Delegations

London Arabia will lead quarterly focused business delegations to and from the GCC countries, introducing delegations to a new market and pre-arranging meetings with potential partners and clients, stakeholders, and officials. On the trip, you will have the opportunity to connect with the right people to take the first step towards your next expansion.

Members participating in our delegations and missions provides direct contact with decision-makers, relevant experts, and key figures from the respective areas of the companies involved.

We will help you be ready for business-to-business meetings and tailor-made workshops during any of the trade delegation visit in GCC. All these activities are focused on providing networking opportunities for our members in elevating their businesses and expanding it to new markets


Uniquely, London Arabia trade missions also offer an insight into culture and present the opportunity to learn how to adjust for cultural differences while on the trip.

Reduce the time, risk and cost by exploring a new market with London Arabia first


Power Lists & Brands Research

Backed by research and feedback taken from Arab consumers, London Arabia will release a yearly list of the brands that have made an impact on Arab visitors and residents. These brands are the top of their field and have not only offered exceptional products and services, but also an outstanding experience, customer service and value.  


Selections for the list are voted on and selected by our Arab consumers. The list is designed to recognise and promote the brands that are going above and beyond for their Arab customers, helping Arab shoppers choose from the abundance of options they have in London.


Inclusion on this list proves your commitment to providing the best experience, products or services and value to Arab customers and that you are trusted by your customers.

Beginning in 2025, we will also release an annual list of the 30 individuals working for London Arabia 100 members who have been the most influential in strengthening Arab British business and cultural connections. These people are shaping Arab British luxury, business, hospitality and culture within London Arabia 100 member brands.



Training Courses & Translations

Sharing Culture, Understanding One Another


Training isn’t just important to a company: it is vital. Training benefits your company, helping your employees gain the ability to respond effectively in different situation and develop their skill set across different roles.


The London Arabia 100 offers a range of high-quality, personalised courses in London including:


Cultural Awareness

Navigating International Trade

Introductory Arabic for Business

Business and Sales

Workplace Culture

…And more


We also offer basic translation services between English and Arabic, helping you reach out to customers and clients directly, in their own language.


Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shopping service team London will help you to better understand the experience of your Arab customers. Mystery shopping market research carried out by our independent auditors will gather information about the quality of your business service delivery and product. Whether you are new to mystery shopping or wish to refresh your existing mystery shopping program, we will help and guide you through the whole process.


The mystery shopping research conducted by LA presents a comprehensive analysis on competitive intelligence and objective opinion of your business by evaluating service delivery and professionalism of your business’s employees.


This in turn allows you to appraise the customer service provided by your company to understand its strong and weak sides. The results will show the professional skills of your employees: their attitude towards customers, knowledge about the product or service, and whether they follow the standards that the company has set.




Concept and Project Testing

With Arab consumer trends changing more rapidly, the risk of investing resources into developing a business plan or an idea that’s already out-of-date is too costly. Instead, we help you build a successful product or experience, making sure that your ideas resonate with your current or prospective customers. With our concept and project testing service provision, we can uncover profound insights such as:

  • Whether the member should continue to develop their market entry dynamite idea.

  • Whether the member has an idea or business plan that will be a game changer in the market, or only popular with a niche following.

  • The competitive value of the client’s project testing & concept’s features and benefits

  • If there is anything that will block the member from fully developing the concept in their market entry strategy.

  • If there are consumer /market benefits the member didn’t originally anticipate.

  • How the member can optimize their marketing messages and identify the best channels to use for their market entry or market sizing decision.


Consumer Research

By performing market analysis, often called customer analysis, we offer data & insights on how to get well acquainted with potential customers /consumers in the GCC by:

  • Assisting organizations with settling on better business choices and increasing preferences against their rivals through consumer research

  • Helping our members  settle on various key and strategic choices by recognizing and fulfilling their needs through our consumer research findings

  • Figuring out which part of the Arab consumers  will be well on their way to buying an item, given factors, such as age, gender, and nationality.

  • Observing how purchasers talk and consult about the products in the market and recognise which customer needs are significant and whether current items are meeting these necessities


Country & Regional Entry Reports

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”


Members may also commission specific reports on a country or destination they are interested in expanding to, ensuring they enter with all of the facts.


We know your audience and through the London Arabia 100 you will have the opportunity to connect directly with them, forming relationships beyond basic marketing. When you become a member, we will introduce you including your messaging and services, in a dedicated email sent to over 20k subscribers. You will then be included in our marketing and messaging continuously as one of the prestigious London Arabia 100.


Competitive & Customer assessment

our competitive analysis involves researching major competitors to gain insight into their products, sales, and marketing tactics. A few benefits of conducting a competitive market analysis are implementing stronger business strategies, warding off competitors, and capturing market share.  We define competitive assessment or competitive analysis as a business-planning tool that attempts to account for the presence of competitors and their potential impact on business decisions. We offer an in-depth competitor analysis that helps you objectively understand your competition and identify what’s required to stay one step ahead. If you don’t know what is most important to your customers, it is difficult to fulfil their needs and meet expectations. This enables us to impact clients from customer strategy to operational transformation, such as customer touch points, marketing, sales and customer service.

What to Expect

Our mission is clear, but it stands for little without the trust and commitment of our members. It is the continuous support and dedication of our members that is helping to drive positive change throughout the industry. Our global membership and the collaborative efforts are what makes this membership programme successful.

Membership will always be limited to a maximum capacity of 100 to create an intimate, focused space for the meaningful exchange of ideas, real connections, and a personal approach. We know each member personally and truly trust them, so you always know you are in safe hands at the London Arabia 100.

The London Arabia 100is not open to everyone.

London Arabia 100


The London Arabia 100 is an exclusive private membership programme, bringing together Arab and British companies to work together for mutual business growth and cultural development

​Unlike other membership programmes, we are not just a networking group, we are a community that inspires innovation and real connection to create new business partnerships and stimulate growth. 

Raise Your Profile, Raise Your Game

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