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Founded in 2014, London Arabia is a small, dynamic organisation with a clear mission to create and build on strong relationships between the United Kingdom and Arab world and use these connections to come together to empower Arab women and girls around the world. These missions are at the heart of everything we do; ranging from helping individual businesses reach out to Arab customers, to large scale prestigious events in London, UK and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


London Arabia Organisation was started with the support of current British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and has steadily grown in prestige around the world. In 2022, we were honoured to have HRH The Countess of Wessex attend our event as our guest of honour. HRH served as an excellent example of London embracing Arab culture with open arms and the importance of the work we do, to further the relationship between the regions.


On all of our events and initiatives, we work with a diverse range of brands, institutions, organisations, universities, and individuals from both the UK and Arab world to expand our exclusive network.


In addition to many smaller projects, our main initiatives are The Arab Women of the Year Awards, London Arabia Art & Fashion Week and Trust Me, I’m an Arab Cultural Awareness Training.

Our Work 

Trust Me, I’m an Arab Cross Cultural Awareness Training


The modern international landscape requires businesses and individuals to respect and understand many difficult cultures, as the world becomes more connected. The Arab world can be a daunting landscape for many Westerners who are surrounded by harmful misconceptions and stereotypes.


The Trust Me, I’m an Arab Cross Cultural Awareness Training programme is a leading customised course designed to help you, or your business, gain a better understanding or Arab culture and how to successfully conduct business with Arabs both at home and abroad.


The Course is tailored to individual needs and levels of pre-existing knowledge and provides clients with all the necessary information and support to develop their own styles for working with Arabs and the Arab world.


Arab Women of the Year Awards


The Arab Women of the Year Awards recognise and celebrate the most outstanding Arab women from around the world and spark a conversation on the obstacles they faced on their path to success, in order to empower the next generation.


The only requirement to be nominated for an award is that the nominee is a woman of Arab descent that has achieved something remarkable. There are no set categories, in order to be able to recognise the most deserving women, regardless of their background or chosen field.


This event is held annually in London and beginning in 2022 a Saudi Edition will be held in Riyadh, in recognition of the massive progress toward equality taking place under the current Saudi leadership and Vision 2030.

London Arabia Art & Fashion Week


The London Arabia Art & Fashion Week was the first event of its kind when it was first hosted in 2016, since then it has become an integral part of London’s thriving cultural calendar.


The Art & Fashion week is a showcase of the beauty and diversity of Arab art and fashion. Through an appreciation of art, we believe people gain a better understanding of one another and realise all they have in common as well as the beauty of having differences. Not only do the attendees have the chance to explore culture through a visual medium, but designers and artists have the opportunity to connect with leading brands and establish valuable networks.


Brand new and established designers and artists are welcome to display their work, the only requirement to apply is that they are of Arab heritage. Preference is given to women, to help provide them with the opportunity for success that they might otherwise never achieve.

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