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Beyond Language - Arab Culture for Business

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This course will develop your understanding of Arab culture and how you can more successfully work with Arabs both in the UK and in the Arab world.


In the modern business world, it is a necessity to work and interact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. It is no longer acceptable to be ignorant about different cultures and a clear understanding of others can contribute greatly to your success. Whether you are looking to decrease culture shock when working abroad or improve your professional relationships, we are here to provide you with essential skills to work successfully with different cultures. Every one can benefit from our in depth, customised course. 


Taking London Arabia’s Trust Me, I’m an Arab Cultural Awareness Training will ensure the success of your international ventures, or help you better appeal to Arab consumers within in the UK. 

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Why Arab Culture?

The UK has recently taken massive steps to improve its relationship with the Arab World, signalling to businesses and organisations the Arab market will only become more valuable. Already Arab tourists are among the highest spenders in London’s popular luxury shopping districts, and easing visa restrictions will increase the number of yearly tourists. In addition, negotiations for a free trade agreement are currently underway.


Businesses and brands that are prepared for working with Arab consumers and partners stand to benefit greatly from this progress.


However, many falsely believe they do not need to adjust their strategy to work with Arabs or in the Arab World and harmful stereotypes still circulate in the media. This could damage relationships beyond prepare and severely harm your business.




The course content is entirely customised to what will be the most beneficial to you and your specific goals. Content may include:


  • A discussion of stereotypes and their implications

  • Etiquette and relationships

  • Beliefs and values

  • History and politics

  • Communication styles

  • Arab hospitality

  • Shopping preferences

  • Marketing

  • Leadership

  • Business culture and attitudes

  • Project management





Anyone who works in the Arab world or with Arab customers would benefit greatly from this course. Anyone who wants to learn more about the Arab world and Arab culture will appreciate our customised training programme.


The course is entirely customised to your needs. Prior to your course beginning, you will have a one-on-one consultation with your expert instructor to go over your exact needs and requirements. This consultation will establish your current level of understanding, required areas of focus, and your learning style, to make sure the course serves you as well as possible. The workshops typically combine theory and practice, using relevant examples and real case studies to increase understanding, comprehension, and retention. The size of your group will also be taken into account when making your personalised lesson plans.

Training Methodology

• Visuals, including PowerPoints and video clips, will be used where appropriate and copies will be provided to you following your course
• Role play scenarios will be presented to track your progress and explore different viewpoints
• Activities will used to increase your practical understanding

• The training will be centred on experiential learning

Training Hours


Courses will be conducted in person 

Full day (8 hours) and half day (2-4 hours) courses available

Resources Required

• Maximum number of participants to a class will be 15.
• The training will be conducted at a venue organised by the client.



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