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The Arab British first hand-selected private members’ community prioritising personal development, professional collaboration and positive impact.

We vet each London Arabia 100 Applicant in line with our 100 strong community and assess the value contribution they can offer to existing members, and the value they are seeking for themselves.

Through this form we will gather some initial information about you and direct you towards the London Arabia 100 membership type you are likely to benefit from most.

Further Benefits

In addition to the benefits listed on each membership packages, you will also receive the following services and opportunities: 

  • Opportunity to distribute your publications at London Arabia 100 events. 

  • Present a new case study for expert members’ consideration semi-annually 

  • Inclusion in and invitations to live recordings of the Arab British Gamechangers Podcast- an in-depth podcast exploring the relationship between the UK and Arab world, cultural connection and doing business across borders 

  • Exclusive access to some of the hottest ticket events

  • Access to global luxury business leaders, entrepreneurs and private clients in business capitals including London, and the Arab world

  • Gain access to exciting new privileges and rewards from other LondonArabia100 members 

  • Identify new partners and opportunities to join exciting projects 

  • Tell members more by creating content to be included in the LondonArabia100 annual report

  • Build research management capabilities through best practice sharing 

  • Strengthen international cooperation and alliances 

  • Access to and inclusion in digital Members’ Directory 

  • Company profile displayed with logo, details and link to your website on our website (100,000 visitors per year) on dedicated Members’ page 

  • Opportunities to engage with Arab social media influencers directly 

  • Preferential advertising across all London Arabia channels 

  • Feature in our newsletter sent out to members monthly 

  • Feature on London Arabia social media 

  • Introductions as new member across all platforms (website, social media and newsletter), including dedicated interview 

  • Post your company news with links to your website on social media 

  • London Arabia social media to share your relevant company posts 

  • Share your achievements with other industry leaders by sharing a press release with LondonArabia100 members quarterly.

  • Establish yourself as an Arab-British leader by participating in Thought Leader Video Interviews: video interviews, promoting individual executives, sent to our entire global database, posted on our website and social media in collaborations with social media and business figures 

  • Get your message out through inclusion in email shots sent to 20,500+ c-suite executives in the UK and the Arab world and all members and prospective members, with your choice of promotional materials.

  • Share your story with the opportunity to have a dedicated feature in the London Arabia Magazine 

  • Comprehensive concept and project testing 

  • Competitive and customer assessment reports 

London Arabia 100

Tel. ​+44(0) 203 411 0876

2 Television Centre
101 Wood Lane

White City

W12 7FR

© 2024 by London Arabia. 

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